Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Make Love, Not War

When it comes to search engine optimization strategy, there are basically two camps – those who view search engines as adversaries to be conquered at any cost and those who regard search engines as partners in their online marketing efforts. Long-time readers of my articles probably already have a good idea of which camp I fall into; however, I believe both approaches can be effective optimization methods.

Service providers who have this “adversarial” philosophy will tell their prospects that the formulation of a search engine optimization strategy is much like a high-stakes game of chess. It’s an “us vs. them,” “winner-take-all,” and “every man for himself” mentality. It’s also rooted largely in technology – under this philosophy, success is defined as unraveling the latest search engine algorithm to find new optimization methods and exploiting its technical aspects for immediate benefit.

The underlying premise of this search engine optimization strategy is that you must use optimization methods that trick the search engines into showing a website predominantly in the results since the site isn’t currently offering attributes that the search engines consider valuable. The primary benefits of this approach are that it doesn’t require much work on the part of the client and that results can be realized more rapidly.

Search Engine Optimization Tools – Build New Search Engine Marketing Tactics

As an Internet Marketer you don’t need to chase down traffic, you could have prospects to come to you and hunt you down every day if you want. The Internet is said to be the ‘Information Super Highway’ and people look for information online everyday. Where do most people go when they want information? They go to a search engine. So I think it’s a great idea to market your business on search engines and I am going to teach you how you can do that effectively. You have to have an understanding of how search engine’s work and then apply a little bit of common sense to it and you can master marketing on search engines. If you focus these tips I am giving you on Search Engine Marketing strategies you can get your websites included in search engines quickly and have prospects flooding your website in no time.

There are two different kinds of search engine marketing, paid inclusion or you can optimize your website for organic search inclusion and get indexed for free. Getting indexed is one thing but ranking high for your specific keywords is a matter of optimization. How you are ranked for the keywords related to your site depends on your Search Engine Optimization strategies and essentially how popular your site is. One easy way to know the popularity of your site is to know your Google page rank which is indicated on Google’s toolbar in web browsers. Google is one of it not the most popular search engine online and their rank for a website’s popularity is a very accurate way of judging the popularity of any site. To get the SEO tips from Search engine optimization specialist for your website to get high rank and top position in major search engines, visit

Building link popularity is extremely important to your off-site search engine optimization campaign and you build link popularity by getting backlinks to your website from other websites and there are two types of backlinks your website can get; one-way links and two-way links. One-way links are deemed more important than two-links seeing that a one-way link means that you don’t have to link back to that website unlike two-links which are usually a reciprocal link exchange. It is also a factor the relevancy of the site that is linking to your site and the page rank of the site is also a factor. It is said that if you have just a couple high Google PR ranking sites link to you then that can increase your PR quicker than anything else.

There are simple ways to obtain backlinks to your website and there are tedious ways to do it and unfortunately the tedious ways happen to be the free ways. I want to share with you some of the simplest ways to generate back links to your site and also build extreme traffic to your site at the same time. Two simple tactics you can use to build your backlinks is forum marketing and article marketing. Forum marketing consists of leaving your signature file after every post which leaves a link to your website and every time you make a post that is a backlink to your site right there. Any forum you join you are usually allowed to leave a signature file with your url links and it is a great way to advertise because after you make some informative posts users tend to see your signature and follow the link which generates traffic to your site just simply because you are participating on the forum.

These two tactics will definitely aid in your Search Engine Optimization strategies and build backlinks to your website but like everything else it’s a process but with time and hard work you can achieve great success online with these tactics. If you find it a bit tedious to be doing these tactics then you can always join networks or find backlink solutions that will aid in your search engine optimization campaign that would definitely be quicker than building your link popularity yourself. I hope you found this information useful and I wish you good luck with your search engine optimization strategies and your link popularity campaign.

SEO Myth – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Complicated

The first myth I would like to focus on regarding search engine optimization is the myth that revolves around the notion that search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated.

I am always interested in the reasons people give for certain thoughts and I have heard many regarding how complicated search engine optimization (SEO) can be – especially for non-seo professionals. But I must say that I have not found this opinion to be true regarding search engine optimization.

I do not feel that search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated.

I know many people who have achieved great search engine rankings using SEO, including myself, and most have stated that using search engine optimization on their websites was not complicated. At times some stated that depending on what they were doing it took time to complete the SEO work; but seo being complicated – no.

I tend to feel that if individuals have an average amount of computer knowledge and skills and they have good SEO information that they can use to guide them through the SEO work process, they will not have any problems concerning search engine optimization.

Basically, it is not search engine optimization that makes SEO work difficult; it is the lack of access to good information concerning SEO that can make search engine optimization (SEO) appear to be much more difficult than it actually is in all honesty.

SEO work can take time to complete depending on the level of detail involved; but it is not brain surgery.

Now can anyone do SEO? – the answer is no; however, the people who would have trouble doing SEO work are the same people who would have trouble completing a large variety of computer related tasks.

Generally, if an individual can operate a computer well enough to follow instructions to install software, they usually can complete seo work successfully provided they have good instructions and information.

Search engine optimization work is not as simple and/or as quick as adding a few meta tags; but search engine optimization is not nearly as hard and time consuming as you might have been lead to believe from prior discussions and/or from information you have read concerning SEO.

I feel the main reason that some people portray search engine optimization (SEO) as being complicated concerns the amount of money that is generated directly and indirectly from the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a multi million-dollar industry.

Great organic (free) search engine results literally help generate billions of dollars each year for website owners and search engine optimization is a beneficial technique in helping to achieve those organic(free) search engine rankings.

It is no wonder with billions of internet sales and advertising dollars available on a yearly bases that search engine optimization (SEO) which can provide an individual or company a competitive edge in the ultra high pace internet world will attract a variety of opinions, ideas, supporters and detractors.

Moreover, through a combination of perception and reality that highlights search engine optimization as a key to increasing internet sales, search engine optimization is a very popular topic for decision makers within many companies and frankly if these individuals along with the general internet community can be convenience that search engine optimization is complicated then many of these people will decide to outsource SEO related services, hire search engine optimization employees and/or contract consultants to complete their search engine optimization work. Thus, money is a key player in how search engine optimization is portrayed in the media, inside the seo industry and at large within the general internet community.

If used properly search engine optimization can help to achieve a higher search engine ranking for a website.

Many people are almost afraid and/or in awe of SEO because much of the information concerning search engine optimization (SEO) is not shared with the general public, which has created a cloud of mystery around the entire industry. Therefore, the average person does not understand search engine optimization and/or its benefits because of this situation.